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About Us!


Nick’s Upholstery, Inc. of Highland Park, Illinois has been providing the highest quality work, attention to detail and customer service for over 25 years and growing!, cultivating a incomparable reputation with clients and industry professionals throughout the North Shore, greater Chicago area as well as Michigan, Wisconsin and throughout the country.

The staff at Nick’s Upholstery has built a following by offering uncompromising, service and craftsmanship in the creation of custom furniture and the re-upholstery of existing pieces. Furniture is as much function as it is form, and Nick’s Upholstery is expert at reaching that perfect balance of style and livability for your home or commercial space or anything u want!.

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Nick’s Upholstery, Inc. is:

  • Custom Furniture
  • Custom Design
  • Re-upholstery
  • Restoration of Cherished Furniture
  • Wear & Tear Repair
  • Pet, Flood and Fire Damage Repair
  • Commercial Upholstery
  • Interior Design Service

nickIDOwner, Nicolae Pastiu trained under prestigious, well known and master craftsmen of Romania , where he was born, they had nothing but the top of custom standards of hand made custom work, raised and worked prior to arriving in the United States and starting his custom upholstery business to make sure quality persists. His persistence and work ethic have been integral to his success and his attention to detail and ability to deliver the best solutions for each client are what has built his loyal following. Nicolae and his crew stand by their work and guarantee customer satisfaction and More!

Our Values

We treat our customers with fairness and respect. Keeping our work top quality as you see fit and want!

Our Commitment

We stand by our work. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!
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“We have a steady stream of word-of-mouth referrals, which is great, but our bread and butter is the repeat business that comes from every new customer.” – Nicolae Pastiu

Old or new we bring the quality of hand built projects right to your door 🙂