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Nick’s Upholstery, Inc. gets calls every day with questions about what we do and how we work.  Below is a collection of the most common questions — with answers.

Do you have a Customer’s Own Material Agreement?

Yes, like most upholstery companies, Nick’s Upholstery requires a signed Customer’s Own Material (COM) agreement so you know what to expect when you use your own material.

Click here to download a copy of the agreement: NicksCOMAgreement

Are there disadvantages to furnishing my own fabric?

Yes. You will lose all warranties unless your upholsterer furnishes your fabric. In many cases the roll your fabric came from is all that is available. Where will you turn for additional fabric should damages occur at a later date?

It is proven fact that many jobs are put in jeopardy when additional fabric is needed and none is available. Situations such as excessive flaws or matching and centering a pattern can result in additional yardage being required that the upholsterer was not aware of when your job was quoted. This increases your cost automatically.

Is there any type of warranty of fabrics purchased from an upholsterer?

Yes. Fabrics purchased from your upholster have a limited warranty against fabric manufacturing failures, should such failures occur under normal wear and tear conditions. This limited warranty is backed by the manufacturer and the fabric distributor. Fabric can only be warranted if sold by your upholsterer. Many retail stores buy off-quality fabrics to have attractive prices to advertise. These fabrics cannot be warranted in most cases as they are not bought directly from the manufacturer and often the manufacturer is not even known. Your upholsterer is not able to warrant their work if they are not aware of the quality of fabric that you have furnished.

Is there an advantage in buying fabric from an upholsterer?

Yes. Fabrics are first quality and we have a wide variety for you to select from.
Rely on your upholsterer or designer experiences and advice. They know if the fabric you have selected will tailor properly to fit your furniture. Upholsterers and designers know the functions and application in real life.If your job should require more yardage than anticipated your upholsterer will know where to go to get the additional material.

If there is any fabric failure you have one person to look to for correcting the problem and that is your upholsterer.

Are you a “GREEN” shop?

Re-upholstery by definition is a “green” service.  By reusing existing furniture, materials like wood, metal and plastic will be kept out of landfills.  Plus, the associated energy costs of producing new building materials is eliminated.

Do you work on upholstery for vehicles?

Yes, Nick’s Upholstery, Inc. can repair or replace the upholstery on cars, motorcycles, golf carts, RVs, boats and yachts.  Simple repair and restoration or fully custom upholstery services are available.

Does your work include warranty?

Nick’s Upholstery, Inc. warranties all work, including repairs, upholstery of existing pieces and custom new pieces.  Please contact Nick’s Upholstery, Inc. for more information.

What is your turnaround time?

Time “in-shop” depends on the size of the project and the complexity, as well as the season.  An estimate of turnaround time will be included in the initial work appraisal.  If you have a specific or desired deadline, please let Nick’s know, and every effort will be made to meet that deadline.  In most cases, 3-4 weeks should be allowed to complete a project.

Do you work out of the area?

Over the past 25 years, Nick’s Upholstery, Inc. has worked with designers and private clients throughout the nation.  Projects out of the immediate 25 miles radius, out of state or international are welcome and any additional costs will be estimated along with the necessary work.

Do you charge destination fee?

There is no charge to visit your home or office within 25 miles of Nick’s Upholstery’s Highland Park showroom.  For much of the north shore, northern suburbs and north edge of Chicago, we will come out for free.

Do you work with designers?

Of course.  Clients of Nick’s Upholstery, Inc. include a number of professional interior designers.  Nick’s Upholstery will work with your designer or you can retain Nick’s interior designer. We also offer a wide range of Professional Interior Design services:

  • Full Service Professional Interior Design
  • New Construction, Renovations, Space Planning
  • Kitchen and Bath
  • Auto CAD and Drafting
  • Furniture Layout and Selection
  • Window Treatments
  • Space Organization
  • Consultations

Can you pick up and drop off?

Yes.  For your convenience we can pick up your furniture to be worked on and deliver the finished product to your home or office.

Can you restyle older furnitures?

Yes.  The durability of quality older furniture cannot be matched by much of the products that are available today.  It is well worth it to restyle an older piece with contemporary colors, patterns and materials.  Nick’s Upholstery, Inc. is always in favor of reusing and preserving older pieces.

Can you re-stuff sofa cushions?

One of the most common issues with upholstered furniture is the not what you see, but what you don’t see, the stuffing! Over time, this material settles and wears. With sofas, uneven wear and tear – that side of the sofa that gets sat on most often – is normal. Nick’s Upholstery can extend the life of your furniture. The image below shows the before/after of a re-stuffed cushion

Sofa Cushions Restuffed

What is the cost to reupholster a sofa, chair or ottoman?

That is a tough one, as each piece of furniture is different.  During the 25 years in which Nick’s Upholstery has been in business, no two projects have been the same.  Please contact us for a free consultation and appraisal.  Our pricing is fair and competitive and our work will make your existing pieces far more durable and valuable than most of the new products available today.


Please feel free to call (847) 579-1820 or send an email to with additional questions or to request a FREE consultation and estimate.  We look forward to hear from you.